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Jewish Settlers in Montana


Having earned $1,500 in California, he set out for Montana, walking all the way. He and his companions missed the ford over the Columbia River, and in order to cross, he

discarded his possessions. At one point, native peoples provided him with food. He finally made it to Missoula in 1870. The town contained 50 families at that time. Leiser opened a store on Front Street that also traded with the Salish people. The business grew, and by 1895, he built an anchor clothing store at 135 West Main.


Our objective is to bring Leiser's Footsteps exhibit to museums around the NW United States. 


Due to the impacts of Covid 19. We hope to see Leiser's Footsteps exhibit on display, safely at the new Missoula Public Library sometime in the Fall.


For details:

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