We're changing perceptions of Jews and native peoples in the West.

In this exhibit, we are presenting a history that connects the viewer to stories of the Jews that settled in Montana and the original inhabitants of the region, the Bitterroot Salish. As you experience this exhibit, we hope you learn about important lives and peoples and what it took to build our communities. 


בעזרת תרומה להיסטוריונים של BearBones, אתם עוזרים לגלות ולשמר את ההיסטוריה של יהודים מדהימים אשר התיישבו בצפון מערב ארצות הברית. תודה.

שאלות: contact@bearboneshistorians.org


Our objective is to bring Leiser's Footsteps exhibit to museums around the NW United States. 


Due to the impacts of Covid 19. We hope to see Leiser's Footsteps exhibit on display, safely at the new Missoula Public Library sometime in the Fall.


For details: